Environmental Care

produtos reciclados

Recycled Residue:

Nowadays residues are one of the main environmental problems of humankind. Plastic waste and residues are no exception as we all know about the burden of using plastic materials in our lives. One of the best ways of contributing for the resolution of this situation is reusing these materials by recycling and transforming them into new products.
Plastic materials can be totally reused: 1 kg of plastic residue will originate 1 kg of recycled plastic material ready to be transformed.
Plascampo binds to the resolution of this problem with a variety of environment friendly production practices, using recycled raw materials in every possible artefact production, although maintaining quality. As examples we have the low density polyethylene tubing fabrication, plastic trash bags fabrication and the reuse of all waste generated by production errors.

Water saving:

Water in general and drinking water in particular are scarce good which we must save and control its use carefully. Using well planned irrigation systems will help saving 30 to 50 percent of all the water used the irrigation of an agricultural plantation or of green spaces.
Since 1977, Plascampo creates, develops and plans irrigation systems whether drip or mini-sprinkler irrigation that help improving the efficacy of irrigation and water saving.