dicas3 Calcareous waters originate enormous problems in clogging the irrigation installations, much for its accumulation on the internal wall of tubes as well as in valves, sprinklers, sprayers and drippers.

To prevent this situation you can periodically insert a small percentage of nitric acid in the irrigation system in order to dissolve the forming little clogs.
If the irrigation system already has large limestone formations you will have to insert a higher percentage of nitric acid in the irrigation system. The acid may be poured into the irrigation pipe by means of an automatic dosing/fertilizer (EZ flow system) or using a ventury system with a flow regulator. Either system should be installed in a by-pass system at the beginning of the irrigation installation.

The treatment must be made after the irrigation so that the water with the percentage of acid fills the pipes and accessories. To quantify how much acid you should use you must take into account the quantity of water that fills the tubing, calculating its volume. Based on that volume you calculate the quantity of acid you need. Using nitric acid, the most commonly used in these situations, the percentage of acid comparatively to the total water volume should be of 2,5% to protect the system and up to 4% to remove the existing limestone